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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who ProgramOnTheir Own Time

On Sat, 2005-09-24 at 16:00 +0800, jason chong wrote:

> Promote OSS software that runs on windows at the moment. It would be
> pretty aggressive to encourage an OS switch overnight.

Molly hit it right on the head.. who is going to provide support?
Uwe also -> where is the role in education?

Vietnam now has done a lot since I was there in November.

1. Government announces policy.
2. Government works with academia, private sector closely to
   create FOSS enabled/trained environment.
3. Academic/Training companies providing LPI/Linux training.
   *Local* companies (some over 300-500 employees) have
   senior engineers/dept heads trained and tasked with
   providing Linux support. Some of them already involved
   directly with outsourcing development from large US companies in
   embedded space (ie. main client also moving to Linux).
4. University projects work closely with government/pvt sector in
   implementing FOSS.

They are now at a stage where enough *local* companies who were once on
proprietary software are now part of the local industry including ISVs
that are providing services and support to the local ICT industry. 

You want Zope? 
You want (G)LAMP) :)
You want Java J2EE on JBOSS/Jakarta?
You want embedded?
You want FOSS desktop application support and development?
You want students skilled in FOSS?

As a yardstick, try to find a company that can provide *real* support
for OpenOffice/StarOffice. Ie. some company that can really provide
solutions from training to migration and support for OpenOffice.

There is at least one large *local* company providing support in

Now there is no more talk about "What is FOSS?". It's we've got a large
industry here.. (see cosgov.org) and see the support from several large
local companies for the event.

* We don't have large local software companies, we have resellers of 
  hardware and proprietary software out to
  make a quick buck from govt contracts.

* We don't have students trained with skills for them to be able to
  use FOSS (or any development for that matter).

* We don't have real local FOSS development/support companies either.
  And I'm talking about the "large" companies that always get
  the large government contracts.

  At best the government can provide only basic network servers,
  simple PHP development at best from a few small ISVs.

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