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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program On Their Own Time

if we have to rebut, let us do it professionally, logically and with both
finesse and style. battle like with like, before we're ignored and lose the
right to respond.

Logical arguments don't work with some type of folks who peddle snake oil. They'll twist your words and use them against you[1]. They'll redefine entire words and concepts to support their arguments [2]. They'll throw in red herrings [3] and make false analogies [4]. And when all else fails, they'll appeal to their own authority [5], or perhaps dish out some ad hominem to throw you off balance [5]. See the corresponding number below for examples.

1. But if support is expensive, then Free Software isn't free now is it! You're trying to con people!

2. Our patented XML format is an open standard! It uses XML!

3. Bill Gates is such a charitable person. Therefore, it's wrong to say Microsoft is a monopoly.

4. Governments shouldn't dictate what kind of software to use, just as they shouldn't dictate the use of wood to make the twin KLCC towers

5. I have 10 years experience as a software consultant, so I am right.

6. You're just an inferior student, you know nothing about business, therefore you are wrong.

If they break the laws of debate, how do you debate them logically?

-= Nur Hussein =-