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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

On 09/24/05 17:20 Nur Hussein said the following:
> Logical arguments don't work with some type of folks who peddle snake 
> oil. They'll twist your words and use them against you[1]. They'll 

perhaps they will, but also let's not make the assumption that the listener 
or that the people we're trying to convince are idiotic morons either. they 
too have the capability of separating wheat from chaff, of discerning 
bullshit from fact and of utilizing all of this to come to a good judgement.

one thing which struck me yesterday was that some of the folk from MAMPU 
(and i'm automatically discounting the fatman here) have already 
internalized open source and some of its philosophies. in fact, they held 
their ground quite well on the face of the whinging and criticism which was 
being levelled their way.

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