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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

> The documents say ...private sector and the ICT community. I sympathise 
> with MAMPU if they have to come up with an exhaustive list of who make 
> up the OSS community. I was invited under pcdom -  a doctors' community 
> dabbling with ICT which include open source software :)

Well Molly, you are mistaken. The email sent out[1] says private sector
and the /OSS/ community. With regards to this, my concern was that only
4 from the community made it.

And as I pointed out quite clearly, this can EITHER be due to members of
the community just not being interested OR it could be MAMPU not
engaging the community. Both scenarios are bad and I personally am not
passing judgement either way until we hear it from the horses mouth.

And as this was on an invitational based on registration, it clearly has
nothing to do with MAMPU coming up with an exhaustive list. Unless, of
course, you're claiming that the invitations were NOT based on

> Does it matter? It's not a competition....

Of course it matters! If a large number of people from our community
turn up, it sends a clear message of concern of recent events as well as
solidarity in our movement.

According to what was said in the email thread as well as what I have
heard offline, members of the opposition were there in full force. 

So, where /was/ the community, really? Were they just being apathetic or
were they excluded from the event?


[1] http://www.my-opensource.org/lists/myoss/2005-08/msg00135.html

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