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Re: [ossig] Malaysian Law With Respect To Employees Who Program OnTheir Own Time

Ditesh wrote:

> Well Molly, you are mistaken. The email sent out[1] says private sector
> and the /OSS/ community. With regards to this, my concern was that only
> 4 from the community made it.

Nah, not. I might better not mention that their invitation e-mail never 
reached my Uniten account, neither my private e-mail at gmail (though 
everything else came in properly); and finally they faxed it over.
(But I don't perceive any conspiracy here; rather a lack of local 
support available for OSCC ;) )
In short, had a single one of their e-mails reached me, I could share 
the list of invitees. So I can't. But there were quite a few more, from 
universities. Alas, most of them I don't know by face. While moaning 
about a lost opportunity on my way out, I met two nice people from OUM, 
and we want to keep in touch. As I said, quite a few more from education 
on the list of invitees.
Ask MAMPU, a young lady kept the attendance list !

> And as I pointed out quite clearly, this can EITHER be due to members of
> the community just not being interested OR it could be MAMPU not
> engaging the community. Both scenarios are bad and I personally am not
> passing judgement either way until we hear it from the horses mouth.
> And as this was on an invitational based on registration, it clearly has
> nothing to do with MAMPU coming up with an exhaustive list. Unless, of
> course, you're claiming that the invitations were NOT based on
> registrations.

Please, no ridiculous conspiracy theories here ! There was a mail to the 
list, I think, a few months back.

>>Does it matter? It's not a competition....
> Of course it matters! If a large number of people from our community
> turn up, it sends a clear message of concern of recent events as well as
> solidarity in our movement.
> According to what was said in the email thread as well as what I have
> heard offline, members of the opposition were there in full force. 
> So, where /was/ the community, really? Were they just being apathetic or
> were they excluded from the event?

Read my conspiracy thing from above, please ! In the end numbers don't 
matter. Molly alone was more convincing than those whiners. I am pretty 
sure they did quite a disservice to their organisation, because there 
was a bunch of people in the audience pretty much pissed off by their 
mantra; who at the first go were still attentively and thoughtfully 


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