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[ossig] The MAMPU thing, part deux

4. Now, what did MAMPU hope to achieve in that event?

Well, it was mainly to explain (quickly) the master plan, and then to engage 
the audience on how the industry and community can get involved. This is 
only, in the context of MAMPU sending an open invitation, a "first contact" 
affair. It sets a sort of baseline, especially for those working for them 
(like me) to gauge how much we can expect on the interaction with the OSS 
community and the (evidently non-existent) OSS industry.

The big banana skin that I stepped on was assuming that the OSS industry 
people would also be in the OSS mailing lists and would jump at this chance 
(for obviou$ reasons). Stupid, naive me. As a member of the "industry", I 
should've known better.

I mentioned during my turn to present that morning, that I note that three of 
the elected members of the MOSIG pro-tem committee was there (myself 
included). The irony of that was not lost on me. Of course, the Election 
Commission was also in attendance (if a little late to the party).

5. What next?

Well, we're working on what next. On Monday, I'll send out an email to give 
the location of the feedback form and the date in which it is expected back. 

I, personally, have learnt a lot on how to go forward from here and all I can 
say is, 

Watch. This. Space.

I would also like to make it obvious here that those who are not within the 
OSS community do not have to watch this space.

We'll set something up separately, just for you non-OSS guys. Because you're 
special and we love you.

6. Other stuff

With regards to the discussion on IP, esp. by the ISAC-M people, I feel that 
they're only reflecting the level of misunderstanding of the ICT industry, 
generally -- as noted by Dinesh. Instead of being confrontational, I'd rather 
engage them and hope that the bloody bulb lights up in their head and they 
get that Eureka! moment.

I also know that there are those who really understand the issues on IP but 
choose to keep doing what they're doing and actively spreading lies and 
deceiving people because they're on the gravy train and don't want to get 
off. Who cares about them, anyway. We want the ambivalent ones to understand.

On another tack, PIKOM should really stop being a mouthpiece of foreign 
companies, including those who are sympathetic to OSS (yep, that includes 
you, IBM. And you, Novell -- and I know you guys are reading this). PIKOM 
should also stop being a mouthpiece of local distributors and resellers of 
foreign products. But then, PIKOM might end up mute. That would actually be 
an improvement, I'd imagine. And if any PIKOM members are offended by my 
statements here, then I would just like to say that I "have been misquoted".

I'm done for now.


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