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Re: [ossig] The MAMPU thing, part deux

On 09/24/05 23:10 Yusseri Yusoff said the following:
> people would also be in the OSS mailing lists and would jump at this chance 
> (for obviou$ reasons). Stupid, naive me. As a member of the "industry", I 
> should've known better.

and that aptly sums the whole thing up.

> off. Who cares about them, anyway. We want the ambivalent ones to understand.

which a lot of people, even within the OSS community, just do not get. one 
just needs to study the science and art of political election campaigning 
to understand that 40% of the sample will vote against you, 40% will vote 
for you and 20% will fence sit. the battle is for the support of that 20% 
not the 40% who're already predisposed to be against you for numerous reasons.

it is for this that any ad hominem and unproductive attacks on individuals, 
companies and statements by non-OSS folk are purely a waste of time and 
nothing more than intellectual wanking. if one were serious about promoting 
and seeing greater adoption of open source, then the energies should be 
channelled towards realising this goal instead of scoring brownie points.

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