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Re: [ossig] The MAMPU event and my comments

On 09/24/05 22:27 Yusseri Yusoff said the following:
> elsewhere. In other words, I should not have been so naive as to think that 
> one single email would be enough. Reminders, sneak previews, big-ass website 
> to announce the event, etc. would have worked better.

imho, if we have to go to such lengths to ensure the participation of the 
OSS community, then surely something must be seriously wrong somewhere. 
given that a large majority of people on this list are very vocal when it 
comes to criticisms and their own voluminous two sen, surely this passion 
should translate into some form of action in the form of actual 
participation in events which shape national policy.

if members of the community which profess a desire to see open source gain 
greater inroads cannot be bothered to respond and attend, then the effort 
put forth to include them within the process is not only wasted but 

> 3. The ISAC-M people may or may not have been MS shills. During the breaks and 

two of them clearly were, one of whom is an MS employee.

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