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Re: [ossig] The MAMPU event and my comments

On Sunday 25 September 2005 15:37, Khairil Yusof wrote:
> I think some of us fell through the gaps in the system, because I also
> registered and did not get any invite, I also promoted it:
> http://www.iosn.net/country/malaysia/news/mampu-community-participation
> and I recall a bunch of us on #myoss all went to the form and registered
> including students.

Okay, that's news to me. If you fell through the gaps and did not get an 
invite, then I apologise. I'll make sure that it doesn't happen again (if 
there is a next time).

> Anyways, this is all water under the bridge.

Not for me, it ain't. I've learnt a lot from this whole thing, and I've got 
better ideas on how to go about it again now.

> What I'm curious to know is whether people from so called Malaysian FOSS
> companies attended. 

No [1].


[1] Discounting Dinesh. I could be wrong here, and if I am I'm sure they'll 
pipe up.

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