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Re: [ossig] The MAMPU event and my comments

> i) I could have done more to drum up support and excitement about the event 
> amongst the community -- on account of the fact that we tend to bitch and 
> moan in the safety of our own mailing lists and are rather apathetic 
> elsewhere. In other words, I should not have been so naive as to think that 
> one single email would be enough. Reminders, sneak previews, big-ass website 
> to announce the event, etc. would have worked better.

At the grassroots level, I have no doubt that those involved in the
MyOSS magazine, monthly meetups, talks, conferences, workshops and other
FOSS events would be delighted to help spread the word of MAMPU's future
events/efforts. On my part, I can certainly help to highlight MAMPU's
future events and any potential grassroots involvement programme when
I'm out on the FOSS evangelizing bandwagon :-)

My 2 cents is that people /are/ interested but have a mindset that they
are not empowered to make a difference. So, what needs to be sold to
them is that MAMPU does listen and act upon feedback.


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