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Re: [ossig] The MAMPU event and my comments

>While MAMPU is helping to spearhead FLOSS adoption in Malaysia, it does
>makes me wonder why it doesn't throw it's weight to back the little guys
>like us who are working on it not as a job, but out of interest. 
Maybe it's an issue to do with sustainability and continuity? Even 
web-sites gather cob-webs when relying on volunteer time :)

>Ditesh - "The FLOSS Bandwagon". We're like "Free Slaves" (in the very
>oxymoron meaning of the word). Utilise us, support us, heck, Exploit US!
Thanks Ow. When can we meet to discuss this?

>We're all fighting the good fight, but the good fight needs water to
>sustain it. Without which, the effort just gets passed down from one
>person to the next. (which is a good thing.)
Ahh! Water. You mean remuneration. I'm sure that can be discussed too, 
except I found that can be expensive especially for NGO work - tobacco 
control, community support network etc.

Is there a directory of open source expertise (local I mean) that I can 
look up and locate the appropriate. Every time I meet Uwe, I asked him 
for students and he seemed to shake his head all the time..... See this 
http://mctc.org.my done by students. Not bad huh? Need help to make it 

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