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Re: [ossig] The MAMPU event and my comments

Molly Cheah wrote:

> Is there a directory of open source expertise (local I mean) that I can 
> look up and locate the appropriate.

Very good thingy !

 > Every time I meet Uwe, I asked him
> for students and he seemed to shake his head all the time

Usually, yes, I do.
I see mainly two reasons:
1. The ones-outside-of-the-box are usually already into something. So 
they go elsewhere, many of this category go overseas. I also miss them 
myself, as RAs.
2. We have an ever increasing majority who couldn't care less about the 
threat of unemployment. Ultimately, it is 'easier' to rely on the 
government, their parents or good connection to grep some stream of 
cash-flow. None of these, I agree, necessitates any effort to dive into 
  'difficult' stuff like FOSS.

2 sen,


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