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[ossig] MAMPU, does your clout reach schools?


This post is actually aimed at MAMPU. I'm trying to determine it's clout
with the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

While MAMPU is promoting the values of FLOSS (Free and Open Source
Software) to the masses and the SMBs, I'm curious to know if there was
any work done or in progress with regards to making in-roads in the
M'sian Education system with regards to the usage/procurement of
FLOSS-ware at some of the government backed schools. (Smart Schools or

The reason I'm asking is because, while the Government has voiced out
that FLOSS should be given a fair chance in Government projects, I'm
curious to find out if this also includes Education Centers. 

We all know that one way to remove the glut of experienced or
knowledgeable people in FLOSS is via education. I'm want to know if
there has been any success in this area.

While I don't believe that MAMPU or the Government can have a say in the
private education space, the should have a say in those government
backed education centers.

I know that the government has plans for these activities, and while I
do not have the "need-to-know" clearance to these information, I realise
from talking to Ditesh yesterday was that I incorrectly presume that
nothing is being done because I don't hear about it. So, here I am,

The other reason is because I recently read the below, which is
happening in Korea, which is a hot-bed for online-games/broadband etc.

A new online information system for school, dubbed the National
Education Information System (NEIS), also adopts Linux-enabled format on
its 2,331 servers, marking the first mega-sized state plan with Linux



In addition to that, Government backed Higher Education centers also
must not put preference in NON-Free Software and choose to utilise the
available FLOSS-Ware where applicable and where it meets its usage in a
bid to save the Government and the tax-payers money. (In addition to
making education more accessible. I believe that this is the goal?)

"people would generally go with what is acceptable and widely used,
rather than try something different." - Singapore School Authorities
when asked about their stance on Open Source by David Tang, Novell
Singapore -

PS : 
RMS's article on why Schools are important.

Also, there's the article on Ed5 of the MyOSS Mag -
http://mag.my-opensource.org that talks about the difference in students
when exposed to FLOSS or NON-FLOSS. 

Ow Mun Heng

Disclaimer : My views are My Own and not of my employers.

Ow Mun Heng
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