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[ossig] ICT R&D Grants Programme for Asia-Pacific October 2005 CompetitionRound

A note that using FOSS and releasing your project under a FOSS license
is acceptable.


The ICT R&D Grants Programme for Asia-Pacific is pleased to announce the
October 2005 Competition Round. 

For more information click on: http://www.apdip.net/news/ictrndoct2005

The Information Communication Technology Research and Development (ICT
R&D) Grants are for projects that find innovative ways to use ICT
applications for sustainable development in Asia-Pacific countries or at
the regional level. Practical and replicable solutions are emphasized. 

This competition welcomes proposals in the following areas:

* Research and development into innovative ICT applications, with a
clear focus on practical and replicable approaches and techniques.

* Research on Internet infrastructure design, performance, management
policy and related topics.

* Research with clear learning outcomes and social impacts from specific
ICT policies and interventions and application of Internet

* Research on policy matters affecting Internet networking in the
Asia-Pacific region, especially linked to areas such as culture,
environment, gender equity, health, social equity, sustainable community
development, technology diffusion/transfer, and benefits to rural areas.

* Development of practical solutions based on the application of proven
and readily available Internet technologies with minimum basic research.

* Technology related issues such as broadband connectivity, “last mile
innovation, mobile and wireless technologies for the developing world,
and increasing the capacity or efficiency of existing network

We will not entertain proposals which fall outside the scope of the
grants programme.

Interested organizations or institutions from the Asia-Pacific region
may apply for either of the following types of grants:

- Grants up to a maximum budget of US$9,000 over a term not exceeding 12

- Grants up to a maximum budget of US$30,000 over a term not exceeding
24 months.

Kindly note that the deadline for applications for this round is 15

The grants committee will screen all proposals, and the results will be
made known by mid-December 2005.

For more information click on: http://www.apdip.net/news/ictrndoct2005

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