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Re: [ossig] MAMPU, does your clout reach schools?

On 09/27/05 12:02 Ow Mun Heng said the following:
> Software) to the masses and the SMBs, I'm curious to know if there was
> any work done or in progress with regards to making in-roads in the
> M'sian Education system with regards to the usage/procurement of
> FLOSS-ware at some of the government backed schools. (Smart Schools or

perhaps the members of this community may want to consider expanding their 
activities in this area and adopt their own schools for more open source 
adoption. this can either be schools within your existing location or 
perhaps your alma maters. approach them, utilizing the good books you have 
with them either as students or local residents and offer to assist them to 
get open source up and running within the school.

start with the teachers and the PCs in the staff room, introduce them to 
OO.o and firefox and install and configure both for them, running on 
windows. have training classes for the teachers, utilizing the past work 
done by colin in producing the oo.o training slides. and finally, allow 
them to call you for tech support and usability questions so you can 
handhold them on their journey.

any one of you can do this, especially the ones who're younger and have 
just graduated from school. contribute back to your local economy and in 
the process bridge the digital divide even within urban areas.

just do this for one school each, and you'd have moved more mountains than 
merely talking about it on a converted mailing list.

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