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Re: [ossig] The MAMPU event and my comments

On 09/26/05 08:53 Sabariah Mohd Zin said the following:
> well... considering that MIMOS and MAMPU were together
> at both the 5th Asia OSS Symposium (Beijing, March
> 2005), and 6th Asia OSS Symposium (Colombo,6-8 Sept
> 2005) and have been meeting each other (well..that's

great, and since MIMOS and I were together during the 1st and 2nd AsiaOSS 
Symposium Meetings in Phuket and Singapore, could I expect the _same_ 
reciprocal preferential treatment you're expecting from MAMPU as 
co-attendees of AsiaOSS ?

and by the way, as most have asked here already, what has happenned to the 
MIMOS Open Source Policy ? it's been submitted to MOSTI, but what has 
become of it ? has it been lost within the bureaucratic twilight zone ?

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