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Re: [ossig] The MAMPU event and my comments

On Tue, 2005-09-27 at 19:48 +0800, Aizat Faiz wrote:
> Molly Cheah wrote:
> Not trying to steal the limelight from
> Ow or anything.

Hey, you're not stealing anything! You have a right to voice your
opinion. And guess what? You're also on the FLOSS bandwagon!

> Opinion:
> Yes, I do know that you should
> take chances, but as the bigger organization that MAMPU is, they should
> know better.

My Opinion:
There's one more glaring difference. While we are doing it voluntarily,
without any renumeration or in this case, gratification, a lot of people
on this list are doing this for a living. As a Day-Job. Meaning, the
have more of a vested interest compared to myself and Aizat, to name a

I believe this is in the line-of-work? No?

I quote from Molly, from the last time I spoke to her :

"We need someone who's hungry to make this work. Someone who unlike
you(guys - referring to the majority of myoss meetup gang) have a vested
interest to see it work!"

Ow Mun Heng
Gentoo/Linux on DELL D600 1.4Ghz 1.5GB RAM
98% Microsoft(tm) Free!! 
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