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Re: [ossig] The MAMPU event and my comments

Ow Mun Heng wrote:

>Hey, you're not stealing anything! You have a right to voice your
>opinion. And guess what? You're also on the FLOSS bandwagon!
Free labor! Rock on!

>My Opinion:
>There's one more glaring difference. While we are doing it voluntarily,
>without any renumeration or in this case, gratification, a lot of people
>on this list are doing this for a living. As a Day-Job. Meaning, the
>have more of a vested interest compared to myself and Aizat, to name a
I would love to have that as my day job.  Then how about getting people
who are interesting in doing the work for their day job.  Isn't it their
job to find the people who are interested

>"We need someone who's hungry to make this work. Someone who unlike
>you(guys - referring to the majority of myoss meetup gang) have a vested
>interest to see it work!"
Now I find that offensive, we are not just a bunch of guys who just want
it to work.  With that I'll let it slide, thank you very much.

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