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Re: [ossig] Bending the Malaysian Patent law to allow software patents.

Nur Hussein wrote:

> So instead of "patented" they should say "patent pending"?

You can file a patent for the wheel, and it'll take a few years until 
you receive the refusal. In between you may say you have 'filed for a 
patent' (== 'patent pending') for a wheel.
Don't worry, even the relevant figures in the government don't 
understand the concepts of 'patent' *as they have proven in that Q-Jaya 
(or so) incident*. Where the KPI of that good Doctor was to acquire a 
certain number of patents within a strict time limit. And, actually, 
they counted the *filings* and indicated those numbers as 'success'. 
Anybody can *file* any number of patents within no time. That chap 
simply knew how to skin the government (alas, us tax-payers).

That 'Patent Pending' was a provision of the former US patent law that 
worked on the concept of 'first-to-invent'. Once upon a time you had to 
indicate on your products that you had filed a patent, to prevent 
someone else spending money on a duplicate filing.

I am still gladly willing to explain concepts of 'Intellectual Property' 
(even though RMS would bash me for the expression) on demand, btw.
(I was patent examiner cum helpdesk and stuff at the European Patent 
Office in The Hague from 1991-1997; in case someone questioned my 


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