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Re: [ossig] Bending the Malaysian Patent law to allow software patents.

Uwe Dippel wrote:

> Where the KPI of that good Doctor was to acquire a 
> certain number of patents within a strict time limit. And, actually, 
> they counted the *filings* and indicated those numbers as 'success'. 
> Anybody can *file* any number of patents within no time. That chap 
> simply knew how to skin the government (alas, us tax-payers).

Ah, I ought not be too harsh and I ought not reply to myself.

See, 99 out of 100 people wouldn't know if you have a patent when you 
show them an official publication printed by the European Patent Office 
(e.g.) with a patent number printed on it: EP-A-839786. It looks very 
technical, contains title, abstract, claims, descriptions, International 
Classification, everything. Is it a patent ? Okay, from how I set this 
scenario up, you might by now guess, it isn't. And you're right.

The funny thing - contrary to gazetting - the Patent Office doesn't 
publish only what is relevant. Once you file, whatever crap it might be, 
it gets examined by the Formalities Section. And if it fulfils *purely 
formal* requirements, it will get a 'Patent Number' associated with it, 
and officially been published and printed and stuff. As I said, *any 
crap*. You pay for this, and as long as the formalities are correct, and 
you don't withdraw, this documents will inevitably show as official 
So what is now the indication of a patent ? Very simple: The same 
number, similar (or even same) document numbered EP-B-839786. I bet you 
won't spot the difference at first glance. It is a simple difference 
between 'A' and 'B'.
You may be assured, that 99.9% of the people to whom you show the thingy 
won't question you being a patent holder if you display the inevitable 
'A' document. Which is anything but a patent. But when you put a stack 
of these on the desktop of your perspective employer (or a government 
servant not in PHIM, that is); they will explode with joy.

Anybody with too much money and wanting to have a 'Patent' on his / her 
name ? Contact me off list and I'll help you draw up any number of 
applications and you'll get that same number of 'Patents' on your name. 
Which - as I pointed out - are not patents, but the result of you having 
too much money and wanting to see your name on a cover of a 'Patent'.
The system simply *can* be abused. And the overall awareness is low; 
especially in MY. Alas.


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