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Evolution Connector + Exchange Was [RE: [ossig] Peru Passes FOSSLaw]

On Thu, 2005-09-29 at 15:12 +0800, Ditesh wrote:
> > > Full Exchange functionality?
> > 
> > Full as in what sense? I don't know what else you can do other than
> > calendering/Email address book. What are it's features again?
> Contact, 

Yes, it polls the Microsoft's "version" LDAP or Active Directory for the
Global Address List (GAL)

> task mgmt are of interest to me. 

I don't believe I know what this is. If you mean calendering with access
to looking at scheduled meetings, getting RSVPs for meetings, then yes,
Evo's current Exchange Connector does this.

> I believe Exchange has other
> collaboration features, eg "public folders"

This is not solely restricted to Exchange. I've implemented a Cyrus IMAP
Server and it too does have this "Public Folder" or Shared Folders where
one can post to it.

>  (looks to me like a fancy
> name for a Samba share, AFAIK - I may be wrong).

I _think_ you're wrong. Public Folders are the opposite of personal
folders where only the user has access to it. I believe Public Folders
are (guessing since I don't use it's features but have access to it) a
way for users to post relevant data/email to it in an email form. (be it
an email with a PDF attachment or what not)

It is public because it's made as such for the ease of users/groups etc
to be able to post to it.

As mentioned, cyrus IMAP Server has this functionality. (I'm sure others
have it too, but I've not had experience with any other IMAP server
other than Dovecot and Cyrus.)

> I've to start hacking soon on Brutus to allow for a high(-er) level FOSS
> middleware API to Exchange. 

That's good. I'm stucked to Evo  mainly because I want the darn

> I've had a look at Brutus's Evolution's
> connector which looks to be a good start 

Ah.. Brutus, I've read about that. The Goodness for Evo 2.4.

Never heard of it. Though you've piqued my interest. What sort of MUAs
is supported? I ask this because knowing Closed Source Software, it has
a way of denying access to standards.

> (afaik, Evo's current connector
> uses WebDAV instead of MAPI, which Brutus utilizes).

You are right. Currently it uses WebDAV and it needs OWA (Outlook Web
Access) to gain any of it's functions. MAPI support is not present in
the current Evolution's codebase. (AFAIK)

Moving on to Exchange 5.5 (and beyond), I believe that it will stop
supporting WebDAV and thus, users will be out of luck. (This is where
brutus will step in?)

Ow Mun Heng
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