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Re: [ossig] Bending the Malaysian Patent law to allow software patents.

jason chong wrote:

> Thanks for explaining the issue. I have no doubt about your experience 
> in Europe of course.
> The question is, how much of it is applicable in Malaysia's context ?

Hmm. How to say it nicely ? Do you think Malaysia has re-invented the 
system; or can you imagine that it - how to put it ? - adopted another 
system ? And here I can confine to you that with the EU-ASEAN 
cooperation agreement of some 12 years ago, the ASEAN countries took it 
up to follow European standards. 'We' - that is EPO - even sent experts 
down here to anycountry asking for it. Malaysia had some, for few months 
time. I myself visited the office in late 1995.

Even US system and EP systems are quite similar, conceptually.


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