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Re: [ossig] Training Materials

Thanks for the encouragement.

I am trying to introduce Linux to those who are deeply entranched in Windows.  Mainly how to navigate about the system and go about doing their daily work like web-browsing, email, chat/IM etc.

There are about 30 systems already dual booting Win2k and Mandriva.

This is what I plan to talk about:

1) what is Linux? -- Brief History, people behind it, etc.
2) Desktop -- KDE, GNOME
3) File system -- Where do you save you files?
4) Web Browsing -- Mozilla / Konq
5) E-Mail
6) IM / Chat
7) Briefly OOo --> will give a separate session on this if there is interest.

Ow: Thanks for the invitation.  I am planning to come for the next meetup.

Dr. Nah:  Thanks for the links, I'll check it out.