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Re: [ossig] Training Materials

Venantius Kumar wrote:

> Thanks for the encouragement.
> I am trying to introduce Linux to those who are deeply entranched in
> Windows.  Mainly how to navigate about the system and go about doing
> their daily work like web-browsing, email, chat/IM etc.
Hope you are succesful with you endeavour, if you need any help, don't
mind asking.

> There are about 30 systems already dual booting Win2k and Mandriva.
First of all, are these public access computers which anyone can use? 
If so its nice to have 30 systems dual booting Win2k and Mandriva, its
nicer to have 30 systesm just booting Mandriva.  Why?  Because they are
forced to learn.  Rather than having hte oppurtuniy to boot back into
Windows ( on their free time of course ).

> This is what I plan to talk about:
> 1) what is Linux? -- Brief History, people behind it, etc.
> 2) Desktop -- KDE, GNOME

Its good to introduce both, but I suggest you stick with one, as not to
confuse the crowd.

> 3) File system -- Where do you save you files?
> 4) Web Browsing -- Mozilla / Konq
> 5) E-Mail
> 6) IM / Chat
> 7) Briefly OOo --> will give a separate session on this if there is
> interest.
8) Philosophy, remember its not just about the having software, its also
about the four freedoms.

> Ow: Thanks for the invitation.  I am planning to come for the next meetup.

Then I'll see you there :).

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