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Re: RE: [ossig] Peru Passes FOSS Law

Since I work with Exchange on a day to day basis (bless me!), I know some of its cursed features-

a) Shared calendars. Let your colleagues see your day to day plans.

b) Integrated meeting requests.

b) Public folders w/per-user ACLs [1].

c) Global address books (stored in LDAP)

[1] Ow's right. Cyrus does support public folders. When I looked at this about 3 years ago, Bynari had an open-source Exchange replacement which was using Cyrus in its core. If you purchased their Outlook connector, it would allow you to use that shared folder, calendaring functionality etc.

However, Bynari had used native features in Cyrus to support calendering for one. The entry is stored in a custom msg format.

Lastly, all of these feature accomodations in competing products had to be accomplished without MAPI access. I've seen some recent products with direct MAPI functionality, so I'm not sure what MS has done in relation to that.

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Subject: RE: [ossig] Peru Passes FOSS Law

> > > Full Exchange functionality?
> > 
> > Full as in what sense? I don't know what else 
> > you can do other than calendering/Email 
> > address book. What are it's features again?

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