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Re: [ossig] IE had good feedback from hackers at HITB Security Conference;KL?

nsh@pop.jaring.my wrote:

> Yes.  Tony Chor, the Group Program Manager of the Microsoft Internet 
> Explorer team gave the 1st keynote address at the Hack in the Box 2005  
> Conference at the Westin, KL on 28 Sept. 

Does this smell like new tactics ? Embrace and conquer ? Just one week 
ago we had a very very softy all-embracing Microsoft chap trying to get 
me into 'trying' their software; while the lackeys were doing their job 
in the hall.

Now, they embrace hackinthebox, send an 'important' keynote speaker. 
Dialogue ? Beware ! 'Lancing' a story through trusted channels that 
their product was endorsed at hackinthebox. Only, they fail to add that 
it was endorsed by their own developer, during a keynote speech.

Is this a right perception ? Did Joe Foss at the conference really plead 
to drop Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari and load Crossover to run IE ? 
Because this is what the message implies.


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