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RE: [ossig] Bending the Malaysian Patent law to allow software patents.

> interesting. i see a use of this loophole/situation in a pro-OSS manner.

Would you care to elaborate ? If needed, off-list ?
Because I have no slightest clue what an 'A' could do good to us.

FYI, I have added an example; same application, the cover of 'A' and 'B'.
Now everyone on this list started to become an expert. But I still ask you to print out the cover of the 'A' and ask your friends what this is. The huge majority, if saying anything at all, will say 'patent'.
Or 'software patent'. It is neither nor. It is the mere publication of a company asking for a patent.
The granted version is 'B'. The title is clearly 'APPLICATION' versus 'SPECIFICATION'.

Have fun !

(And when I feel like, I'll do the same for the MY office - except as can be expected - you don't get the PDFs online. But for US the situation is similar to EPO.)