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RE: [ossig] Bending the Malaysian Patent law to allow software patents.

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From: owner-ossig@mncc.com.my on behalf of nsh@pop.jaring.my

> Er, the attachment came in tnef format (!!) and after extraction, the pdf 
> files seem to be password protected.

Oh, lala ! Is this the same for everyone ? I tried here to open the ones that I got returned from the listserv and they do open; they contain the cover page only, true, alas.

Until some months back, EPO used to offer the complete doc as PDF, but it seems they have stopped. They have an exclusive contract with Jouve to print, and I can only guess that both find too many people just printing the whole stuff than paying $$$ to EPO / Jouve. This is but speculation.

In any case, here Acrobat Reader 7.X opens the cover pages on Debian from the OWA on Uniten's Exchange where the mails come in from OSSIG.

If more find this to be unworkable, I'll put the PDFs onto a server. Please keep me updated.