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Re: [ossig] Bending the Malaysian Patent law to allow software patents.

On 10/2/05, Uwe Heinz Rudi Dippel <Udippel@uniten.edu.my> wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> From: owner-ossig@mncc.com.my on behalf of nsh@pop.jaring.my
> > Er, the attachment came in tnef format (!!) and after extraction, the pdf
> > files seem to be password protected.
> Oh, lala ! Is this the same for everyone ? I tried here to open the ones that I got returned from the listserv and they do open; they contain the cover page only, true, alas.

Was .dat (ms-tnef) format for me too, and apparently even this email
of yours contains another ms-tnef file, though it appears to just be a
'rich' version of your email. Is it the exchange server or the email
client that is sending it as this format?

if it's the email client, one trick that used to work a long time ago
was to specify that the recipient receives only text messages. That
way, forwards won't get converted to the ms-tnef format. If it's the
exchange server, then that's an interesting 'feature' there.


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