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[ossig] OWA-Weirdness [Was: Bending the Malaysian Patent law to allow softwarepatents.]

On 10/02/05 15:42 Uwe Heinz Rudi Dippel said the following:

>> http://metalab.uniten.edu.my/~udippel/ is where you find the files. Don't forget to file a bug report against your e-mail clients !
> the two pdf files on that url return "You don't have permission to access 
> /~udippel/pdfdoc-3.pdf on this server.", yet the messages file which should 
> be private is open for everyone to read. odd notion of security. :)

Ouih, what stupid me. I guess I start to make us the laughing bunch of 
software !?
Now ! It is okay.

But still, we might want to change the subject to dig into the other 
matter. Would OWA add some magic to a mail that only OWA can retrieve it 
properly in case it contains a PDF ?

I moved from OWA to Thunderbird now, and sent the same two files as 
attachment through my public box at Uniten running sendmail / 
courier-imap and received the files properly in my Inbox back home.

Before filling in more of your precious boxes, I better ask if I should 
try sending the same mail again from this same non-OWA client, including 
the attachments ? To check the listserv ? OWA magic ?

Or any other idea to follow up ?
Did anyone else but me get the first mail properly ? Anybody using OWA 
in here ?


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