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Re: [ossig] OWA-Weirdness [Was: Bending the Malaysian Patent lawto allow software patents.]

> But still, we might want to change the subject to dig into the other 
> matter. Would OWA add some magic to a mail that only OWA can retrieve it 
> properly in case it contains a PDF ?


"TNEF attachments contain security sensitive information such as user
login name and file paths, from which access controls can be inferred."

Interesting, I didn't know. I suppose that's why you can open it easily.
Also, "However, there are some functions of Microsoft's proprietary
email infrastructure (see Microsoft Exchange Server) that require TNEF
(see "embrace and extend")." - which explains why your attachments are
encoded as TNEF.

Try a non-Outlook/non-OWA client?


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