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RE: [ossig] Bending the Malaysian Patent law to allow softwarepatent

>> Must be your clients, I guess.
> afaik, its sending mua (outlook) that encodes it in the tnef format.

Which would not quite explain why OWA retrieves it properly; except of 
deliberate lock-in politics ?

>> I have attached the OWA Inbox *Inbox*, that is the one receiving from OSSIG, Inbox, screenshot. And OWA correctly identifies and displays PDFs. *Inbox*, not Sent.
>> A bug in Thunderbird or Mozilla ??
> the attachment is in the tnef format too.

see below

 > kenw is right, set the mua to
> send messages in plain text format or html but not rich format.

I dunno how. I am not a compassionate OWA-user. I stuck there just this 
weekend because TNB has disconnected our (Collage) office for power 
supply upgrade and my mail-handler is therefore down. Whatever.

>> http://metalab.uniten.edu.my/~udippel/ is where you find the files. Don't forget to file a bug report against your e-mail clients !
> Both the pdf files require a password.

njet. Try again. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.X, Debian Sarge.

Now I attach that screenshot of my *Inbox* of OWA displaying the 
properly identified MIME-type of both files.

Let's see if it goes through here; when sending from Thunderbird.
It does work pefectly well - once again - looking at my OWA *Inbox*.


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