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Re: [ossig] OWA-Weirdness [Was: Bending the Malaysian Patent lawto allow software patents.]

> I think OWA is converting ALL of your attachments into tnef format and 
> this shows up as one file winmail.dat with a MIME type of "application/ms-
> tnef".  Mail clients which can decode tnef can decode and display the 
> files contained within the tnef file but those which cannot will just show 
> that there is a file of tnef format named winmail.dat.

This makes a a lot of sense plus a fine lock-in policy, Ain't it ??
Send this to Massachussetts to make them happy.
I wonder that the EC hasn't knocked on MS-fingers yet.
Chances are, though, that OWA can be set to behave differently ?

> I think if you use the non-OWA client you should be ok.  BTW I have just  
> downloaded the files from your directory using the url given earlier and 
> when I tried to open them I get the password protected error again as 
> before.

I did, and I don't get any such. Try with an advanced PDF-Reader. It 
could be that the 'castration' done by EPO/Jouve (blanking all pages but 
cover-page) isn't handled gracefully by all PDF-viewers.


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