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[ossig] Patent Covers at al

Dear all,

I'm so sorry I took so much of your time and efforts ! Please appreciate 
that I wanted to give just an easy example; something to be used in your 
daily lifes as FOSS-attorneys.

I better give you the recipe:


Click 'Number Search'

(Pull-down to 'Espacenet')

Enter EP1271849 (or any other publication number)
(Activate 'Including Family')

Click 'Search'

Click the title coming with the EP-numbers

'Also published as' there you get the (cover) of the B-document (*patent 

Click on the tab 'Original Document' and there you get the A-document 

Fiddle around, search for inventors or applicants (Q-Jaya, if you feel 
like, or their good doctor I-forgot-his-name) and be happy.

Hope this helps,


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