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Re: [ossig] News of the so called Malaysian "computer industry representatives" against OSS on /.

> Our views as represented by Pikom, are that the government should not 
> dictate which development model--OSS or commercial--should be the 
> preference for procurement," said Peter Moore, Microsoft's general 
> manager for public policy, Asia-Pacific and Greater China.

What Pikom doesn't understand is that it's not about the government 
just dictating which development model should be the preference -- it's 
about the government picking a model that can better improve our 
economy, help education, allow our government to modify the software 
they use, and of course, set up the technical infrastructure for 
expanding government sections at a low-cost.

Furthermore, using closed source software within government ranks is a 
serious state security mistake. Someone with relevance should point 
this out to the government. MAMPU, anyone? I'm sure even the Special 
Branch would then be keen about FLOSS.

Or maybe Pikom *does* understand the government's motives -- then it 
means money is changing hands.

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