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Re: Evolution Connector + Exchange Was [RE: [ossig] Peru PassesFOSS Law]

> I _think_ you're wrong. Public Folders are the opposite of personal
> folders where only the user has access to it. I believe Public Folders
> are (guessing since I don't use it's features but have access to it) a
> way for users to post relevant data/email to it in an email form. (be it
> an email with a PDF attachment or what not)

So users can store files within this public folder? If so, then it is
like a samba/nfs share, the difference being that you can access it via

> Never heard of it. Though you've piqued my interest. What sort of MUAs
> is supported? I ask this because knowing Closed Source Software, it has
> a way of denying access to standards.

Brutus provides CORBA wrappers for MAPI. It has a sample code, including
an example Evo connector. It's really a base upon which connectors can
be built.

> Moving on to Exchange 5.5 (and beyond), I believe that it will stop
> supporting WebDAV and thus, users will be out of luck. (This is where
> brutus will step in?)

Exchange 5.5 doesn't support WebDav, right? That's where Brutus will be


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