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Re: [ossig] Patent Covers at al


I read up on Singapore's patent law. It has no specific mention of software patents, but lawyers can re-word the 'process' used in the software in such a way that it becomes a process that is broad/generic enough to the point that the patent is granted that way as a 'utility patent' to the applicant. (processing methods)

Now i ask, is it possible for this to happen as well in Malaysia's patent law context ?

Meaning the lawyer re-word what the software did in a very broad/generic non-Software term manner that it is applied to all industries. I have a feeling a lot of lawyers are doing this because well you know, they're lawyers, they'll tell and convince the applicants that software CAN BE patented in Malaysia, re-word those process and try to apply for patents this way.

The thing about Patents in Malaysia is that, it is NOT TRANSPARENT or NOT FREE to find out what patents have already being granted. Opensource activists need a lawyer or someone very familiar with Malaysia's legal process in granting patents etc.

On 10/2/05, Uwe Dippel <udippel@uniten.edu.my> wrote:
Dear all,

I'm so sorry I took so much of your time and efforts ! Please appreciate
that I wanted to give just an easy example; something to be used in your
daily lifes as FOSS-attorneys.

I better give you the recipe:


Click 'Number Search'

(Pull-down to 'Espacenet')

Enter EP1271849 (or any other publication number)
(Activate 'Including Family')

Click 'Search'

Click the title coming with the EP-numbers

'Also published as' there you get the (cover) of the B-document (*patent

Click on the tab 'Original Document' and there you get the A-document

Fiddle around, search for inventors or applicants (Q-Jaya, if you feel
like, or their good doctor I-forgot-his-name) and be happy.

Hope this helps,


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