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Re: [ossig] Patent Covers at al

Harish Pillay wrote:

>I think you are correct about the Singapore patent law.  I was speaking with an
>"IP" lawyer two weeks about and asked about software patents and she did say
>that it is not part of the law, but there is a way to do it.  I need
>to do more work
>to find out evidence of software patents in Singapore.
Hi Harish,

neither did Singapore reinvent patent law ... !
The EPC does not permit software patents; but the EPO has been granting 
software patents in the thousands. The same ugly tricks are applied 
worldwide: you don't patent 'software' but a 'method to ...'
Which is patentable.
You might as well be surprised that the USPTO had been most outspoken 
against software patents; but have been forced to patent software by the 
courts as recent as 1981.

Software patents always result from a very unholy alliance of patent 
attorneys (money) and patent offices (vastly different reason, from 
money (EPO) to inflated perception of relevancy (XXX)).

I still have the slides that I used for my 1.5 hour lecture "Is Computer 
Science inventive  obvious  trivial ?" to the representatives of the 
ASEAN patent offices in early 2005, when they met in KL for a fortnight 
under the seminar title 'ASEAN Workshop on Search and Examination in the 
field of Computer Related Inventions'. The slides are not 
self-explanatory and intended for trained Intellectual Property people; 
but they could as well be modified and used for an interested public of 
FOSS or else, in parts, where they summarise history and intentions of 
patents; including the history of software patents; and some ridiculous 
examples of software patents.

Btw.: Has anyone sorted out the 'password problem' of those cover pages 
? Anyone a comment on that Exchange lock-in ?


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