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Re: [ossig] News of the so called Malaysian "computer industry representatives" against OSS on /.

What Pikom doesn't understand is that it's not about the government
just dictating which development model should be the preference -- it's
about the government picking a model that can better improve our
economy, help education, allow our government to modify the software
they use, and of course, set up the technical infrastructure for
expanding government sections at a low-cost.

It's not PIKOM, it's Microsoft. They're just a mouthpiece. And if you look at my careful psychoanalysis of The Microsoft Apologist, you'll see that they believe nothing other than Microsoft-approved technologies HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST [1]. You're not dealing with reasonable folks, you're dealing with Microsoft. Give them a million reasons why open source is a good idea, they'll just redefine reality to suit their own arguments.

-= Nur Hussein =-

[1] Take Google for example. Why is MS so upset about it? Because they exist, and they're successful. And no one but MS should be successful. It seems MS themselves believe that in order for them to retain their throne, no one else must be allowed to come close to success, or be allowed to defy them or not use their stuff.