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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] MyOSS Meetup October 2005

Opps you manage to find one.

Cheers :)

On 10/3/05, Ditesh <ditesh@ameba6.com> wrote:
On Tue, 2005-09-27 at 19:48 +0800, Aizat Faiz wrote:
> With all those nasty hackers and what not out there, are you nervous
> about having your GNU/Linux computer hacked into?  Well learn more about
> Security Enhanced Linux from Chong Tsewai.  Also concluding from last
> month, Linus Lai comes back finishing off his Podcasting session.

Oh yes, and we'll be having a special ... err ... "presentation" from
our favourite evil empire. Come one, come all :-)


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