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Re: [ossig] Call for M'sian govt to rethink open source policy

Pikom Chairman Lee Boon Kok agrees. "When it comes to procurement,
consider all options in open source and proprietary software, all else
being equal," he said. More importantly, these ICT products should
conform to open standards to ensure interoperability between systems in
various agencies and departments, Lee added.

just a short question; how open would you consider m$'s standards?

Lee, however, also underscored Pikom's support for open source as an
emerging trend and technology. In fact, the association has an Open
Source Special Interest Group (SIG) that champions the cause of the
open-source movement in this country, and has contributed significantly
to the development and adoption of OSS in Malaysia, he said.

 "champions the cause of the open-source movement in this country...?????"  huh???  can someone clarify??

"A procurement policy by the government should be based on merit,
transparency with clear evaluation criteria, fit for purpose, value for
money and interoperability," he said.

IIANM the procurement policy AFAIK  "all other things being equal chose OSS."....