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[ossig] Ubuntu 5.0.4 "The Hoary Hedgehog" Guide to setting up an ISP-Server

Guide to setting up an ISP-Server using UBUNTU-Linux


Dear Community Members,

Ubuntu-Linux [visit http://www.ubuntulinux.org or http://www.ubuntu-pk.org] has come a long way today and is becoming a strong alternative to Proprietary Operating Systems. The Ubuntu-Linux release 5.0.4 "The Hoary Hedgehog" has brought in to scope a wide range of small & medium desktop / server-side deployment options. FOSSFP would like to share this guide to setting up an ISP-Server using Ubuntu-Linux by Till Brehm and Falko Timme (Version 1.0 Last edited 09/16/2005) at http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu_5.04 or get all the links at http://www.fossfp.org/ubuntuisp.


FOSSFP and Ubuntu-Pakistan would like to read your comments on the information provided.


Great job by Till and Falko!


Fouad Riaz Bajwa
General Secretary
FOSSFP: Free & Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan ®


URL: www.ubuntu-pk.org
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