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Re: [ossig] Patent Covers at al

Whoah, those USA patents can just slip in like this through FTA or WTO agreements.
This reminds me that Malaysia is committing to WTO for liberalisation of trade by 2008, we have less than 3 years to prevent the same crap from happening to us just like what's happening in Singapore.

Be VERY CAREFUL that these software patents slip into Malaysia this way, and from what I know, this is what Microsoft and other players are hoping for, that's why you don't see them making noise about us making noise about software patents because these guys know that no matter what or how much we complain, by 2008, as a WTO compliant member we have to implement liberalisation in what was agreed upon and this may include recognising patents from WTO members including those of software patents.

Please read this article to see how those megacorps are gonna screw OSS.


On 10/3/05, Harish Pillay <harish.pillay@gmail.com> wrote:
Looking at some of the 141 "software" patents on the epatents.gov.sg site,
it appears that most of the ones are triggered from the FTA that Singapore
has with the US and NZ.  It might indeed be that there are no *local* software
patents but those that came in via the back door of the FTAs.

Some of these are with IBM and am wondering if these are part of the 1500
or so that IBM released to the open source community.