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[ossig] The nature and size of the open source community


An interesting read, particular points include:

"The GPL license prevails, at 77% of projects. The LGPL is second at 6%,
and BSD trails in third at 5%. All other licenses account from 3% to

"C is the most used programming language (41.5%), followed by C++ and
Perl (~14% each), then PHP, Java, and Python (5% - 8%)."

"49% of projects have only one person developing the application; 15%
have two to three developers; 20% have four to 10; 9% have 11 to 20; and
6% have more than 20. Clearly, this calls into question the ideal of
"community" in open source."

"15% of projects are actively developed - the remainder (85%) wither and
die on the vine or are, at best, "lethargically" developed. Over the six
months measured, 90% of the projects on FreshMeat did not change."


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