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Re: [ossig] Patent Covers at al

NOW I remember why that MAMPU lady at UM said 'at the moment Malaysia has no plans to recognize software patents' when RMS or someone asked her about it.

I can't remember her name. But NOW , things are VERY CLEAR to me already.
When she said 'at the moment...'  she really meant it.

That means by 2008, Malaysia WILL RECOGNISE software patents slipped in this way.

This means not only are we not able to register software patents, but we recognize software patents from overseas. We may even have Patent Clash. In this case, which patent do we recognize ? The ones from Malaysia or the ones from USA and other countries ?

Either that or we may eventually allow software patents to be registered in Malaysia.

Whoah, we need to be very pro-active now about this sneaky WTO agreement!

On 10/4/05, jason chong <jcvw75@gmail.com> wrote:


"....The FTAs or CEP agreements currently pursued with selected countries are not confined to liberalisation and market opening measures alone. They are comprehensive and include investment, trade facilitation, intellectual property rights (IPR) as well as economic cooperation in...."