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Re: [ossig] Patent Covers at al

On Tue, 2005-10-04 at 11:32 +0800, jason chong wrote:
> NOW I remember why that MAMPU lady at UM said 'at the moment Malaysia
> has no plans to recognize software patents' when RMS or someone asked
> her about it.
> I can't remember her name. But NOW , things are VERY CLEAR to me
> already.
> When she said 'at the moment...'  she really meant it.

There is lobbying effort going on right now in Malaysia to push for
legitimizing software patents - I think Tan Ken Ing was referring to

> Whoah, we need to be very pro-active now about this sneaky WTO
> agreement!

There are certain parties who are doing (behind the scenes) work to help
push a sane agenda in the various WTO and FTA agreements. Email me
offlist and I'll help put you in touch with them.


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