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Re: [ossig] Call for M'sian govt to rethink open source policy

On Tue, 2005-10-04 at 16:14 +0800, Yusseri Yusoff wrote:
> > IIANM the procurement policy AFAIK "all other things being equal chose
> > OSS."....
> Absolutely. That's the most salient point in the whole thing.

Yes, it's the most salient point but the misconceptions that are being
reported (and read, digested by people) are not being challenged
publicly. The community members have written to the various newspapers
but as you might have noticed, they are /not/ printing our letters.

Perhaps MAMPU might be better placed to correct the misconceptions
publicly, as they carry more weight as a government body. In fact, as
MAMPU's OSS policies and standards includes procurement, I would assume
that MAMPU would be writing to (a) the various trade bodies, (b)
newspapers in which the stories have been reported, and clarifying the
misconceptions/FUD that has been bandied about.


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