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Re: [myoss] Re: [ossig] Call for M'sian govt to rethink open sourcepolicy

On 10/04/05 16:14 Yusseri Yusoff said the following:
> The angle that is taken by these guys is that, by showing a "preference" for 
> OSS in the policy (if only to break a deadlock), the govt is biased and would 
> go for the OSS software, given a choice. Any choice. In other words, they're 

which mrs tan king ing correctly pointed out should be the case since 
there's the tangible benefit of having the source code. this fact needs to 
be pointed out strongly when refuting the positions taken by the lobbyists.

> painting a doomsday scenario for proprietary software, where companies which 
> have an OSS offering would have an advantage in government tenders.

which is FUD and needs to be corrected. like ditesh, i too think that MAMPU 
is the best party to do this, given that they're the caretakers of the OSS 
Policy in question. it needs to be clearly stated that government 
procurement processes are not changed by this policy and that the policy 
kicks in only during a dead heat of competing offerings.

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