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[ossig] Eclipse & Antlr

Anyone here using eclipse with antlr or antlr plugins?
The problem I'm facing is this:
I can compile & run java programs using antlr.jar from
the command line. But if i do it using Eclipse, the
prgram compiles, but I get an error when running the
program. It gave me:

CharScanner panic ClassNotFoundException

Anyone has any experience with these two tools? BTW,
Here's my configuration:
1)Laptop running Gentoo (kernel 2.6.11)
2)Sun's JDK 1.5
3)Eclipse 3.1
4)antlr 2.7.5 (to test from command line)
5)antlr-eclipse plugin 4.0.0b1 (when I'm not using 4)

Since I'm already here, anyone using WindowMaker +
GNUStep under Gentoo? I'm shifting from GNOME (too
heavy & not considering other lightweight WM). Thanks.


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