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Re: [ossig] MyOSS Meetup October 2005

On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 23:56 +0800, Chong Tsewai wrote:
> An amendment to the topic - "Introduction to SE Linux".  Can't compare
> with the hitb guys.

I've considered submitting a paper for HITB titled "Unbreakable Linux:
SELinux" and seeing if all the crackers there will break a SELinux play

There are a few on the Net that do this... my only interest sparked up
when talking to one of the authors (seeing that we occasionally
eat/drink together). Play machines are fun

And with modern stack protection (even xwings blog, winner of the ctf,
talks about stack protection on kubuntu), and selinux enabled, i'm
wondering if a run-off-the-mill FC-3/RHEL4 box can be "cracked" easily
Colin Charles, http://www.bytebot.net/

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